Tamil People _ Tamilans Culture _ The Science _ The NASA

Tamil People _ Tamilans Culture _ The Science _ The NASA


The ancestors believed that if the cat was crossing it was not good. But corporate sciences trusted us that it was wrong. The result now does not coincide with the cat, not just how. Do you know what they’re doing and what we’re doing …? Read more.

It is the US’s use of satellite satellites to keep China on secret. Some years ago, the satellite satellites stopped for a minute. It has happened many times. It could not be fixed. Well, let’s see what it is doing on the bottom of China. There was a big shock for them. There was no cave there. It’s a huge forest. There was a temple in the middle of that forest.

Further research found that it was China’s famous cat goddess. The radiation emanating from the cat catcher decided to have the satellite imagery. They immediately bought the cats and began to explore the NASA lab. NASA’s sophisticated equipment portrayed exclusive electromagnetic waves from the cat’s tail. The wavelength of those rays changed immediately when people saw it. Scientists have discovered that the exposed gamma rays emerge especially when the cats go from door to door.

These gamma rays are capable of hampering human thought. This is why our ancestors told us that the coin does not come to mind when the cat crosses. Our ancestors are not fools. The real Tamils ​​are all excited and share this truth too! Come and share ..



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