Rajaji Aarangam Paying Tribute to Karunanidhi’s Body

Rajaji Aarangam Paying Tribute to Karunanidhi’s Body

* Annai decided to restore Karunanidhi’s body to the right *

* Duraimurugan study with PWD officers at Anna Samadhi

* Arrested by the commandos of the commanding brother – the security arrangements intensity *

Prime Minister left Rajaji Aang after paying tribute to Karunanidhi’s body 

Thousands of civilians, DMK volunteers have gathered to pay homage to the late artist who has been placed at Rajaji stage. People around the Rajaji are surrounded by roads like the sea. The crowd has increased due to the arrival of people from Chennai.

Police suspect that there is no police protection near Rajaji Hall. The public has suffered injuries due to lack of adequate protection of the state.

India’s Communist National Secretary D Raja Anjali paid the body to the late artist at the Rajaji Stadium. Then mk T.Raja conveyed comfort to Stalin and Kanimozhi.

DMK chief’s artist to be buried The High Court allowed DMK to issue a sample map. The memory of the artist will be between Anna and Jayalalitha Memorial. Karunanidhi is buried on the left side of the brother’s tomb and the parallel to the place where MGR is buried.

☦🅾Cenney:  DMK chairperson arranged for cremation in the body of the artist Marina. 2 pokeline machines started near Anna Samadhi in Marina.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid tribute to the late artist at the Rajaji stage. The artist came and bowed his body and paid the final honor. Then the Prime Minister Modi comforted the artist’s family. Union Minister Nirmala Sitharaaman with Modi Radhakrishnan paid homage.

MUMBAI:  DMK leader Kathleen’s death was commemorated in both Houses of Parliament. The Deputy Chairman of the Rajya Sabha, Venkayya Naidu, has given the message to the people. He has also said that he is the leader of the talent.

☦🅾Cenney:  The High Court has allowed the artist body to be buried near Anna Memorial in Marina. The Chief Justice of the High Court Judge, Ramesh, The High Court dismissed the Tamil Nadu government’s claim that it would not be allowed to enter Marina.

Chennai:  The DMK has been relieved by the Madras High Court ruling on the DMK leader’s body of painting in Marina. Despite the death, the volunteers raised the slogan and expressed success because the artist wins the case. Stalin’s sense of judgment was flexible.

The High Court has allowed the artist to be buried in Marina. The DMK leader has died in the Marina area after the death of the artist for 16 hours.

Vaiko paid a tribute to the DMK chief’s artist’s body at the Rajaji Stadium.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has come to Chennai to pay tribute to the DMK leader. Prime Minister Modi was welcomed by Governor Panwarilal Purohity, Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniasamy and Deputy Chief Minister O. Panar Selvam.

Actress Radhika Munkal has said that the DMK leader is the dead body of the artist. “I have broken my mind with a message from Tamil Nadu and Tamil,” he wrote on Twitter.

Actor Vishal and actor Vijay Sethupathi paid homage to the body of the DMK leader who was placed in the Rajaji stage. The body of the artist is placed on the Rajaji stage for the public.

Actor Vadivelu paid tribute to late DMK leader Karunanidhi’s body placed at Rajaji stage. Then mk Kamal Hassan conveyed comfort to Stalin and Kanimozhi.

Karunanidhi’s residence was held at the Rajaji Stadium. Then mk Kamal Hassan conveyed comfort to Stalin and Kanimozhi.

MUMBAI:  The late DMK leader Karunanidhi’s body was placed in the Rajaji stage and he was paying homage to Ramadoss’s family. Ramadoss and his son came along with DMMani and paid tribute to Karunanidhi’s body.

Sathyaraj, Goundamani and Sibiraj pay homage to Karunanidhi’s dead body in the Rajaji stage. The actor also paid homage to Karunanidhi, including Pankaraj, Purnima and Shanthan.

☦🅾Cenney:  Senior Communist senior leaders paid homage to social activist artist. Nallakannu, T. Pandian, State Secretary Muthurasan, Mahendran paid tribute. Sudheesh Anjali, the head of the youth team of the artist,

🅾Cenney:  Artist’s body was handed over by Nasser to the actor’s association executives. Actress Kutti Padmini, Kovai Sarala, actor Pasupathy, Rajesh A.Gior respected.


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