R.K. Nagar bypoll | Live

R.K. Nagar bypoll | Live:

R.K. Nagar bypoll | Live: 60 MLAs in our side, claims Dhinakaran supporter Thangatamilselvan
Dhinakaran maintains steady lead after 12 rounds of counting; AIADMK assured of deposit.
Sidelined AIADMK leader TTV Dhinkaran established a clear lead in the counting of votes on Sunday at the Queen Mary’s College for the Dr. Radhakrishnan Nagar bypoll. More than a year after Jayalalithaa’s death, the constituency that she represented in the Tamil Nadu Assembly finally elected her replacement on December 21.

Security has been beefed up in various parts of the city, officials said. Over 500 security personnel are deployed around Queen Mary’s College.

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RK Nagar election: Dinakaran’s victory has been confirmed by the number of votes counted up to now

RK Nagar election: The victory of the ballot is now confirmed by the number of votes counted …


Tally at the end of 17th round

TTV Dhinakaran 81,315
AIADMK 44,522
DMK 22,962
BJP 1,236
Naam Thamilar 3,645
NOTA 2096


RK Nagar election: 16th round counting begins …

People do not consider BJP to stand on the ground: No.Ganesan interview,

 NONE Gonzalez said that people do not consider the BJP to stand on the ground. BJP contested in the election because we did not support the AIADMK. In the election, Jayalalithaa’s name was told by DDV Dinakaran that he has won the election.

Tally at the end of 16th round

TTV Dhinakaran 76,701
AIADMK 41,529
DMK 21,827
BJP 1,128
Naam Thamilar 3,535
NOTA 2096



4.50 p.m.: Mr. Dhinkaran looks all set to take the R.K. Nagar situate, as checking enters last round.

4.30 p.m.: As the seventeenth round of checking got in progress, Mr. Dinakaran drives his closest adversary by an edge of 35,685 votes. With around 30,000 to be tallied, Mr. Dhinkaran’s triumph has been guaranteed.

Dinakaran is leading in the 15 th round
At present 35 thousand votes are available

4.15 p.m.: Tally at the end of 15th round

TTV Dhinakaran 72413
AIADMK 38966
DMK 20388
BJP 1185
Naam Thamilar 3535
NOTA 2096


As Mr. Dhinakaran maintains an unassailable lead, VCK leader Thol. Thirumavalavan says R.K. Nagar has settled the question about Jayalalithaa’s successor.

4.05 p.m.: Tally at the end of 14th round

TTV Dhinakaran 68392
AIADMK 36217
DMK 18924
BJP 1126
Naam Thamilar 3316
NOTA 1926


3.25 p.m.: Tally at the end of 12th round

TTV Dhinakaran 60284
AIADMK 30745
DMK 15918
BJP 837
Naam Thamilar 2871
NOTA 1537


After this round the AIADMK is assured of retaining its deposit.

3.15 p.m.: Tally at the end of 11th round

TTV Dhinakaran 54315
AIADMK 27937
DMK 14481
BJP 758
Naam Thamilar 2607
NOTA 1404


3.10 p.m.: Disqualified MLA Thangatamilselvan claims support of 60 MLAs for the Dhinakaran group. He says the R.K. Nagar result has demonstrated that Mr. Dhinakaran was “the main competitor fit for driving the AIADMK”.

3 p.m.: Lok Sabha Deputy Speaker Thambi Durai says R.K. Nagar result is a vote against the DMK and “the 2G trick”. What’s more, BJP National Secretary H. Raja terms it as a triumph for cash control.

2.45 p.m.: In the tenth round, Mr. Dinakaran adds 4,500 votes to his count. Mr. Madhusoodhanan gets 3,595 votes and Mr. Ganesh 1,584.

Tally at the end of 10th round

TTV Dhinakaran 48808
AIADMK 25567
DMK 13015
BJP 710
Naam Thamilar 2347
NOTA 1298

 2.30 p.m. Mr. Dhinakaran includes 9,962 votes after ninth round of checking. He now has 44,308 votes. His closest opponent AIADMK’s Mr. Madhusoodhanan 21,972 votes, trailed by DMK’s Mr. Marudhu Ganesh with 11,431 votes.

2 p.m.: Mr. Dhinakaran pays tributes at the MGR and Jayalalithaa memorials. 

Tally at the end of seventh round

TTV Dhinakaran 34346
AIADMK 17471
DMK 9206
BJP 519
Naam Thamilar 1732
NOTA 935

1:30 pm: I am an autonomous possibility for namesake yet the gathering specialists are with me. I additionally have Amma’s desires, says Mr. Dhinakaran.1:40 pm: As it gives the idea that the DMK competitor may complete the race in the third place, the gathering home office Anna Arivalayam and the living arrangement of DMK’s Working president Stalin in Chittaranjan Road wears a betrayed look.

1:00 pm: Tally at the end of sixth round

TTV Dhinakaran 29255
AIADMK 15181
DMK 7986
BJP 485
Naam Thamilar 1509
NOTA 798


12:55 pm: In the 6th round of checking, Mr. Dhinakaran leads by 2,988 votes. Including all the six rounds of checking, he drives AIADMK’s Mr. Madhusoodhanan by an edge of 15,345 votes.

Immense help for Mr. Dhinakaran in Ward 38 in Tondiarpet where the previous Corporation Taxation and Finance Committee Member S. Santhanam was councilor. Mr. Santhanam kicked the bucket in a street mishap close Tiruchi in front of the byelection.

12:50 pm: T.T.V. Dhinakaran touches base at Chennai airplane terminal. He is relied upon to achieve MGR commemoration inside 60 minutes.

12:40 pm: Tally at the end of fifth round

TTV Dhinakaran 24132
AIADMK 13057
DMK 6606
BJP 408
Naam Thamilar 1245
NOTA 640

12:35 pm: Minister Sellur Raju says the administration will confront no risk whatever might be the result of the bypoll. The AIADMK resembles a banyan tree. Noone can do anything to it, he says.

12:30 pm: Pugazhendi, once in the past the leader of AIADMK’s Karnataka unit, says Mr. Dhinakaran’s fast approaching triumph will “change the scene in Tamil Nadu Assembly.” He will enter the Assembly as Tamil Nadu Chief Minister, says Mr. Pugazhendi, a Dhinakaran follower.

12:20 pm: Mr. Dhinakaran sees a plunge in votes surveyed amid the fifth round. Nonetheless, he keeps on driving by an edge of 517 votes in the fifth round. Including all the five rounds of tallying, Mr. Dinakaran drives AIADMK ‘s Madhusoodhanan by 12357 votes.

It gives the idea that a lump of votes surveyed in territories, for example, Ezhil Nagar, MGR Nagar and JJ Nagar have gone for AIADMK.

High pay neighborhoods, for example, Sundaram Pillai Nagar in Tondiarpet have bolstered AIADMK. Mr. Madhusoodhanan secures a greater number of votes than Mr. Dhinakaran in the region

12:10 pm: Tally at the end of fourth round

TTV Dhinakaran 20298
DMK 5032
BJP 318
Naam Thamilar 962
NOTA 208


11:50 am: The AIADMK central command wears a left look, reports R. Sujatha.

This is the first run through the AIADMK is losing the lofty R.K. Nagar situate since 2001. This is likewise the first run through the voting demographic is set to choose a free hopeful.

11:40 am: BJP pioneer Subramanian Swamy has remarked on R.K. Nagar decisions. “Dinakaran appears to have won the R K Nagar race caused by JJ passing. I hope to see the two ADMK groups now to join for 2019 LS survey,” he has tweeted.

He minced no words in scrutinizing the state BJP initiative for the poor show. “A national decision party gets a fourth of NOTA’s vote. Time for responsibility,” Dr. Swamy tweeted.

11:30 am: Sources say Mr. Dhinakaran will land at Chennai airplane terminal later in the day and go to MGR commemoration to pay tributes to the previous boss pastor on his demise commemoration. He will then continue to the tallying focus.

Mr. Dhinakaran leads by 11816 votes after the finish of fourth round of checking.

11:20 am: Tally at the end of third round

TTV Dhinakaran 15868
DMK 3691
BJP 220
Naam Thamilar 737
NOTA 208

 11:00 am Tamil Nadu BJP boss Tamilisai Soundararajan has said the checking patterns indicate money for-votes was uncontrolled in the byelection. The BJP has pulled a poor show with its gathering applicant getting votes not as much as NOTA choice.

10:55 am:  Tally at the end of second round

TTV Dhinakaran 10421
DMK 2324
BJP 117
Naam Thamilar 459
NOTA 208


AIADMK govt will fall in 3 months: Dhinakaran

10:45 am: TTV Dhinakaran meets the press at Madurai air terminal and thanks individuals of R.K. Nagar who voted in favor of him. Expressing gratitude toward the “1.5 crore” specialists who encouraged his triumph, Mr. Dhinakaran claims that the AIADMK will lose its decision party status in three months time.

Mr. Dhinakaran asserted his group was the “genuine AIADMK” and goes ahead to state “R.K. Nagar individuals have picked Amma’s successor.” It doesn’t make a difference who has the Two Leaves image or the gathering’s name. What makes a difference is the who the 1.5 crore party laborers are agreed with, he said.

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