Karunanidhi _ 95 Interesting Information

Karunanidhi _ 95 Interesting Information

DMK leader and former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Karunanidhi celebrated his 95th birthday last June.

We have 95 shared information here.

1. Born on June 3, 1924, in Tirukkuvalai village near Tiruvarur in Nagapattinam district, he was born as the son of Muttuvelar and Anchiyam.

2. Karunanidhi is the third child of his parents. There are two sisters before him, Periyanayagam and Shanmugasundaram. Shanmugasundaram is the son of Amma and Murasoli. Amma is the son of Amma.

3. Cricket valentine Karunanidhi is known to everyone. Hockey was his favorite sport at a young age. Karunanidhi is playing for the Ford School Hockey.

4. Talk about Karunanidhi’s first stage speech ‘Friendship’. During the eighth grade student (1939), he spoke in the title of ‘Friendship’ in a school match.

5. Karunanidhi’s first name is the name of the student. A monthly journal published in 1941.

6. The first student organization started by Karunanidhi is Tamil Student Forum.

7. Karunanidhi who came to politics after being attracted to her childhood by alcoholism of justice. That is why he named his son a laggy.

8. Karunanidhi once said that he would have joined the Communist Party if he was not attracted by Dravidian thought.

9. Friendship between MGR and Karunanidhi was Salem Modern Theater.

10. Karunanidhi is married to three times. First wife Padmavathi They are born, MKMuthu. Padmavathi died in a few years of marriage. Born to the artist’s second wife, Dayalu Amrugiri, Stalin, Selvi and the Tamils. He was born to his third wife, Rajithyamma.

11. Karunanidhi wrote the first drama, ‘Palaniappan’. Thiruvarur Baby Talkies was staged in 1944.

12. Sivaji Ganesan, M.G. Karunanidhi gave the biggest hits to both Ramachandran. Shivaji’s parashakti, Manohara. MGR Kumari for the MGR.

13. Karunanidhi’s first film written in 1947 was Rajakumari. This film is the first film in MGR’s lead role.

14. Rajanakumari, released in 1947 and pennar-shankar, released in 2011, has been in the field for about 64 years in the film industry, screenplay, dialogues and songs in various fields.

15. When Parasakthi was released, Karunanidhi wrote a drama in the name of Paraprakamam in a magazines in a magazines mocking the film.

16. Karunanidhi’s last verse written by Shri Ramanujar – a series of artist’s televised magan. When he started writing that series, his age was 92. His health was wounded when he wrote.

17. Karunanidhi has written ten social novels and 6 novels.

18. 21 plays are written by Karunanidhi. In 1957 he wrote the play Uthayasooran to popularize the Udayasuriya symbol of the DMK.

19. Karunanidhi has written a travel book called ’20 ‘.

20. The number of films that Karunanidhi worked with 69.

21. Karunanidhi Story – MGR Written by VGR Number of films starring 9

22. Earlier MGR had called Karunanidhi ‘Lord’.

23. Karunanidhi’s assistant Shanmuganathan, who joined Karunati in 1969. For nearly 50 years, he has been an assistant. Two times he was angry and again joined Karunanidhi.

24. MR Radha is to act as Karunanidhi’s ‘Artist’. Karunanidhi wrote the title of ‘ThookuMadai’ and gave this title.

Karunanidhi, who is contesting 13 Assembly elections, has not yet failed in an election.

Ms. Karunanidhi has been selected for the maximum three times in Chennai Chepauk. He has been selected twice in Saidapet, Anna Nagar, Thiruvarur and Harbor.

Karunanidhi, who has been a member of the Legislative Assembly for over 60 years from 27.1957, has been a member of the Legislative Assembly for a short time.

28. Karunanidhi became the first MLA in the age of 33.

29. Karunanidhi was sworn in as Chief Minister at the age of 45.

30. Karunanidhi’s legislative assembly was very noticeable. Karunanidhi spoke for the farmers in the village of Nangavaram. Then he went on strike for 20 days and found the solution to the problem.

31. DMK in the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly Karunanidhi has held the positions of the Legislative Party, the Deputy Vice President, Public Works Minister, Chief Minister and Opposition Leader.

32. Karunanidhi who contested in the bathing election seat for the first time (1957) was the Congress candidate who was against him. 8,296 more than Dharmalinga 

He won and won.

33. The second time he won in Thanjavur constituency. Karunanidhi was defeated by the Congress candidate in the 1962 assembly election with 1,928 votes.

34. There is a very interesting incident in this 1962 assembly election. Karunanidhi, who started the election campaign, went to collect the vote and was giving a message to the Holy Nadar who stood against him.

35. The DMK first came to power in the 1967 Assembly elections. Karunanidhi contested in the Saidapet constituency. She had won more than 20, 484 votes against the Congress candidate Vinayakur Murthy.

36. He also contested from the Saidapet constituency in the 1971 Assembly elections. Karunanidhi won over 13 thousand votes than Ramalingam, the organizational Congress candidate who opposed her. Karunanidhi received 63,334 votes.

37. Until the 1971 assembly election, the rivalry between the DMK and the Congress became the DMK-AIADMK in the election of 1977. Yes, MGR created the party of AIADMU and stood in the political field against his longtime friend Karunanidhi. The wave of support of MGR was stunned. Karunanidhi won the wave in this wave. Karunanidhi who contested in Anna Nagar constituency won 16, 438 votes against Krishnamurthy who contested against him. But DMK lost power.

38. Karunanidhi Electoral victory in the lowest margin in the 1980 elections. HV in Anna Nagar constituency Karunanidhi who contested against Hunt had won just 699 votes.

39. Karunanidhi contested in the port seat in the 1989 assembly election after the death of MGR. The AIADMK broke up and the Jayalalithaa team stood up, the team of Janaki. Karunanidhi received 41,632 votes in this election. The Muslim League winning Vahab won by 9641. He won by 31,991 votes.

40. Jayalalithaa was the first in the 1991 assembly elections. The AIADMK-Congress coalition won a huge victory by the sympathy wave of Rajiv’s death. Karunanidhi who contested in the Harbor constituency and Parimathi Yuva Vatavitai who contested in Egmore constituency had won only. Karunanidhi received votes from 30932. He contested from the Indian National Congress party from Sampu received votes of 30042.

41. “If the Jayalalitha comes to power again, the Lord can not be saved by the Lord,” said Rajini during the 1996 assembly election. Congress leader G. Muraleedu contradicts the AIADMK alliance Q. The elder left the party and started a new party called the Tamil Nadu Congress. DMK and TMC formed an election. In this election, Karunanidhi contested in Chepauk constituency and defeated Congress candidate Nellai Kannan by 35,784 votes. He became the Chief Minister.

42. DMK and BJP formed an alliance in the 2001 assembly election. Karunanidhi who contested in Cheppakulam constituency in this election won 4834 votes.

43. DMK formed a strong coalition in the 2006 assembly election. The DMK team consisted of Congress, PM and two Communist parties. Karunanidhi Cheppukka constituency and won 34,188 votes.

44. In the 2011 assembly elections, DMK won only 31 seats but Karunanidhi who contested in Tiruvarur constituency won by 50, 249 votes.

45. In the election of 2016 he won with a high turnout. 68366 votes in Tiruvarur constituency. This is the highest level in the state.

46. ‚Äč‚ÄčKarunanidhi is always the best performer in assembly discussions. Once again, Karunanidhi said, “I do not have the right to go to the sanctum sanctorum.” Said DNA Ananthanayagi from the Indian National Congress. “Only the murderers go to the court. Should the defendants go for themselves?” Karunanidhi said.

47. When Karunanidhi first spoke to the legislature and then sat down, Krishnaraj wrote on a paper, ‘Very Good Speech’.

48. Prior to 1974, the Chief Ministers could not bury the Independence Day and Republic Day. The governor will do that. Speaking to the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi in 1974, Karunanidhi made the usual practice of flagging the Independence Day. Karunanidhi was cremated on August 15, 1974 at St. George’s Fortress, the first Chief Minister who was burnt on Independence Day.

49. In 1973, it was banned in Tamilnadu, with some of the states in India, where the rickshaw-handed rickshaw handling of human beings.

50. Karunanidhi’s left eye view was severely affected by the car accident in Tirupathur in 1953.In the same eye, the same crash occurred.

51. Karunanidhi started writ in a letter in Murasoli, when Brother was the first to die after death. From 1971 he started to speak of “the best of life.”

52. The letter of “Sibling” written in Karunanidhi Murasoli is one of the longest series in the world. Karunanidhi wrote this until he graduated in the year 2016, from the beginning of Murasis.

53. The number of letters written by Karunanidhi is more than 7,000.

54. Karunanidhi has written more than 150 books, including ‘Sangathanathu’, ‘Tolkappiyappu’, ‘Twenty Things’ and ‘Artist’s Poetry Rain’.

55. His letters to the siblings are collected and published in 12 volumes.

56. While reading the press and in the absence of the chief minister, Karunanidhi is the one who speaks to the people on the phone.

57. Karunanidhi wrote in his magazine Murasoli and Kunkumam titled ‘Justice for Chest’.

58. It was the film ‘Parasakthi’ which took Karunanidhi to the top of a cinematographer. The film was repeatedly for the script.

59. The Kallukudi struggle made him the political leader in the mainstream. He resisted to the imposition of the ban and landed at Kallikudi railway track and landed onto the pedestrian.

60. Karunanidhi spoke in Hindi on October 13, 1957 that “food is the food that is taken from the food restaurant and the food that is cooked, the Tamil is a family that is demanding and is willing to eat and eat from the nourishing mother”.

61. Chennai’s most famous Gemini flyover was built in 21 months during the reign of Anna Karanthanidhi and was opened to traffic on 1 July 1973. It was the third bridge that was built in this country during that period.

62. Karunanidhi is his diary called Diary. He is the most remembered person.

63. CNN On the first day of Annadurai’s day, when the Central Government wanted to issue a stamp with his photo, he signed his signature on that photograph and then was Karunanidhi. “That’s when the Tamil letters are in that stamp.”

64. Karunanidhi set up the 1970s in the state festivals to sing the song “Water to the Stream” by Manoramaniam Sundaram Pillai. The song was first screened at the Film Awards ceremony.

65. All the information about Karunanidhi has been collected in the treasury of the artist at the Chennai Tumampet Anna Annadurai.

66. Karunanidhi has held a press conference in London in 1970. The press meeting was held on the way to the Third World Tamil Conference in Paris.

67. Karunanidhi has made tours overseas in most of the Tamil Nadu Chief Ministers. He has traveled to the United States and Europe.

68. Karunanidhi gave the MGR a title of revolutionary actor.

69. Karunanidhi was the cause of Valluvar’s fortress in Chennai. Karunanidhi is one of the largest libraries of Asia, the Chennai Anna Century Library.

70. For the first time in the country, it was the government of the Karunanidhi-led government that announced a policy for the Department of Information Technology in 1997. Tydal Park, built at Taramani at that point, made a major leap in the development of Tamil Nadu.

71. In 1959, the DMK had won 45 of the 100 seats in Chennai Corporation. CNR presented a ring for Karunanidhi for this. CN Annadurai.

72. In 1967, the first was the CN. When Annadurai was the Chief Minister, Anna and Nedunjiyan became the third minister in the Cabinet after the Cabinet Minister for Public Works and Transport.

73. Since censorship was in the press during the crisis period, Karunanidhi maintained a strategy to release the arrested DMK. On 3rd of February, 1976 Anna Announced a List of Annotated List for Anna Square The name of the arrested persons was taken by the district wise.

74. As far as health is concerned, Karunanidhi is getting up at 4.30 am and reads all the magazines. Sometimes he will call to the corresponding press offices as well.

75. Muraris Maran’s death is important in the deaths of Karunanidhi. His assistant Shanmuganathan says that Karunanidhi often says, “I should have gone before him.”

76. Anyone can call on the phone at Karunanidhi’s Gopalapuram house. After the phone sounds, the voice “Hello, head home” sounds.

77. Karunanidhi’s Gopalapuram House was bought in 1955. Sarabeswararayar sold this house. 

78. A separate library in Karunanidhi’s home has more than 10 thousand books.

79. His Gopalapuram house was set up by the mother of the mother, after claiming that she should run as a hospital after her mother’s death.

80. Karunanidhi says he has never gone to Venugopala Swami temple, which is adorned with his house.

81. Karunanidhi is the one who gave the name Thiruvalluvar Year to Tamil Years.

82. Karunanidhi will spend two days at the party office in the morning and evening in most of the days of good health.

83. Only 2018 was the target of electrified all villages in India. But, starting from 1969, it was the first in the country to have Tamilnadu.

84. Karunanidhi has not competed in the parliamentary elections even though Karunanidhi has been influential in national politics for many years.

85. One of the main attributes of Karunanidhi is the time error. Karunanidhi will arrive in time for any event.

86. One of the most favorite projects of Karunanidhi’s projects is Periyar Memorial Samurdhi Scheme. In 1998, the first Samathipura was started at Melakottai in Madurai district. 237 Equalities were established in Tamil Nadu. There were 40 per cent seats for Dalits.

87. Starting with Rajaji, T brightness, OP Ramasamy Reddy, B.S. Coomaraswamy Raja, Kamarajar, Bhaktavathalam, C.N. Annadurai, MGR, Janaki Ramachandran, Jayalalithaa, oh. Karunanidhi has done politics during the rule of 11 Chief Ministers.

88. There was a split in the party twice during Karunanidhi’s tenure. First time is MGR. The second time is Vaiko. Karunanidhi recovered the party twice.

89. Karunanidhi developed and developed the Tamil Nadu Consumer Merchandising Corporation like the Indian Food Corporation for Food Security.

90. The scheme for providing free electricity to the farmers was brought by Karunanidhi. But his plan of providing a free color TV box to the homes was fiercely critical.

91. Once in the Legislative Assembly, the Fisheries Minister KPB When Sami got up to speak, Karunanidhi wrote a piece of paper to tell him to talk to him.

92. Karunanidhi was arrested the next month when Jayalalithaa came to power in 2001. The arrest was carried out midnight on June 30th and nationally. There were also protests that did not take the honor of the senior leader.

93. KG Rajaram was the Speaker of Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly during the MGR rule. During a discussion, the opposition DMK members are shouting slogans. Speaker attempts to control the tone. But the noise did not diminish. “Let’s go anyway, the Lord will save you now”, said the Speaker.

Afterwards, Karunanidhi said, “You told me that this is the Lord’s protection, so I calmed everyone, because before that I was the lord.” There are many humorous moments like this on his legislative history.

94. Karunanidhi is confronted with political criticism. PMM founder Ramdoss, who had commented on the one-hour reduction in the Tasmm stores, said, “I asked the surgeon to be the first to do what Karunanidhi did.”

Responding to this, Karunanidhi said, “First aid is necessary prior to surgery.

95. “The grieving walks in the moment when the conscience is sleeping.” – This was a tax that he often cited.


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