K. Srikanth bows out of World Championships

K. Srikanth bows out of World Championships

K. Srikanth bows out of World Championships

K. Srikanth bows out of World Championships

Loses to World No. 1 Son Wan Ho 14-21 18-21

Kidambi Srikanth’s fantasies of winning a decoration for India at the World Championships came smashing after he went down battling in straight diversions to World No. 1 Son Wan Ho of Korea in the men’s singles quarterfinals here today.

Srikanth had developed as India’s most logical option at the competition after he secured consecutive titles at Indonesia and Australia and a last complete at the Singapore Open.

Srikanth had come into the match with twin triumphs over Son Wan in June at the Indonesia Super Series Premier and Australia Super Series however it considered for little the Korean handed out a close ideal amusement to clobber the Indian 21-14 21-18 out of a 49-minute conflict.

Srikanth made a cheeky begin to the quarterfinals, permitting Son Wan to open up a 6-1 lead right off the bat however the Indian gradually got his bearing as he made it 5-6. His development enhanced and his exchange check crushes helped him to make it 8-8.

In any case, Son Wan figured out how to push forward and an arrival from Srikanth going to net helped the Korean to have the 11-8 advantage at the main break.

The pair hoped to outsmart each other by changing the points and pace of their strokes amid the energizes. Srikanth lessened the edge to 12-13 however the Korean by and by figured out how to climb to a 15-12 lead with a misleading back hand return.

Srikanth’s mistakes helped Son Wan to move to 19-13. The Korean got six diversion point opportunity and fixed it when the Indian hit the net twice. After the difference in sides, Srikanth attempted to get his length right and his profits missed the gauge twice. The Indian even lost his left shoe amid one of the revitalizes.

Srikanth battle with his exactness and situation of strokes and it helped Son Wan to in the end enter the breather with a nice looking seven-point advantage.

After the break, Srikanth played a decent rally with tolerance and it helped him to win the point however he appeared to backpedal to his energy diversion, which reverse discharges as the Korean continued pushing forward to 13-5.

Srikanth changed apparatuses at that point and fortified his protection to reel off seven straight focuses, making it 12-16 however Son Wan figured out how to break the streak with an arrival that found the Indian short at the forecourt.

The Indian missed the line again and furthermore hit the net to permit Son Wan move to 19-14 advantage.

The Korean misinterpreted a shuttler to blessing a point to Srikanth, who answered with a cross court crush to decrease the deficiency to 17-19. Another crush from Srikanth and it was 18-19.

In any case, Son Wan snatched the match moment that Srikanth raced into a shot and hit the net. The Indian by and by found the net to hand over the match to the Korean and see his 13-coordinate winning streak lay shredded.

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