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Press release Student Self-Conference Conference on February 3: Campus Front of India Announcement __________________________________

   The press conference was held at Chennai Press Club today (Jan 25). At the meeting, Campus Front of India national leader P.V. Told Shuah journalists; On February 3, “we the students; we’re the nation “and that the” student self-confidence conference “will be conducted. After the present BJP government came to power, the student community and the country’s educational independence are subject to the most violent attacks. The suicide of Rohit Weluma and the disappearance of Najeeb Ahmad indicates an unbearable situation in today’s educational campuses. The RSS organization has been carrying out double attacks on the educational campus by its supporters in Indian educational campus and through the student’s student movement. If our country’s major corporations and organizations are fascist protesters, they are portrayed as national antagonists. Moreover, discussions are held in the guise of patriotism. Institutions like JNU have been strongly punished and disciplined and disciplined students who are participating in the protests have been forced to quit in the most vociferous and anti-injustice. According to the new academic policy, the new education policy will lead to rapid commercialization of the academic department and reduce the secular character of national education. Students should not just study the material and interfere in ‘other’ matters, bringing the government back and increasing corporate interests in the education sector. For a campus front, it is responsible for being a student. This conference will have to wipe the fascism against the nation. The fascist hands embroiled in the nation to be saved “, equal opportunity in education should have in place, education fleece to prevent, to the education of the religious imposition should face, Institute killings stop, to education and the state for the list and bring such demands Campus Front of India, on behalf February 3 on “we the students; We are the nation “and the” Student Self-Conference “will take place. The main event of the convention will be held on 3rd of February at 3pm and the rally will be held at Egmore Rajaratnam Stadium at 4 pm. Prior to this conference, Campus Front of India’s National General Council will be held on 2nd February at Chennai Raman Mahal. Mohammed Ali Jinnah, National General Secretary of the Popular Front of India, will launch the National General Council. Furthermore, on February 3, the student self-respecting conference will be held by former Union Minister Mr. Mani Shankar Aiyar launches them. Also, specialists at this conference are the famous writer Anand Telthade, National Association for Human Rights, Professor P. Goya, and more than a thousand students.

Therefore, I urge students to attend this student self-respecting conference to raise the dignity of the students.This message to be published in your media Regards Kassali Media communicator Campus Front of India Tamil Nadu.


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