The Braveness of Tamilan & Canadan The Prime Minister

The Braveness of Tamilan & Canadan The Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Canada decided to send the Air Force aircraft to visit Syria and flee refugees.

The first flight of 150 passengers was ready. However, no pilot does not want to go to Syria, An Eelam Tamil pilot acknowledged that all pilots of Canada, France, Germany, India and Pakistan refused to fear. His name was Chris, Sriwijaya Krish was born in Kandhamal in Jaffna. Chris, who is currently living in England, was the driver of the flight flew to the Emirates flight and stood in Canada. Kris, who knew the situation there, came forward to go to the rescue mission, the hero of the heroine ..!

Air Canada flight which left Syria in the next half; In addition to more than 150 passengers, 13 passengers were loaded and returned to Canada for missiles.


The Canadian Prime Minister lauded the cleverness of Tamils, who opened up more and added 13 more people to that weight.

Chris has also handed over a flight to Air Titania, a 25,000 passenger aircraft. Syria will leave for a few more days.

That love to the Prime Minister and Veerad Thamannan to be true Tamil Our voice is with your cooperation ……..

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