Army Vehicle Came to Rajaji Hall

Army Vehicle Came to Rajaji Hall

 * The army car came to  Rajaji Hall *

* Not a crowd of people: The Dayanidhi Maran,

* Two people die in a crowded crowd in the razor’s stage! *

Senthilagam (60) and 60-year-old man in MGR deaths: 8 people at Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital at risk!

* Karunanidhi, who was then the then Chief Minister of the 1970s, was honored by P. Sundaranaan, The song was screened as the Tamil mother of greetings at the Film Awards ceremony for the first time. *


* The National Flag of India in semi-pavilion in Parliament as the honor of the DMK leader Karunanidhi. *

* Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Kerala Governor Sadasivam pay homage to the body *



* Final procession ready *

* Ready for military vehicle *

* Triple soldiers *

* Delivery to Karunanidhi’s Army Army *

* DMK leader Karunanidhi ends time paying public *

* DMK leader Karunanidhi’s funeral is preparing for departure. *

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